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Medical device supply chain management: simplified

At Arterex we make medical device supply chain management a competitive advantage. Our continuous improvement, LEAN principles, and ERP systems eliminate waste and increase overall productivity throughout your product’s life-cycle. We utilize real-time supply chain optimization tools for the very best results that ensure the commercialization of your product on time and on budget, without compromising quality.

Arterex takes the hassle, time, and inevitable cost management concerns out of your outsourcing and external manufacturing equation for a seamless manufacturing solution. We call it supply chain management, simplified.

Sourced, manufactured, assembled, and packaged

Material sourcing, manufacturing, assembly, and packaging: we handle it all. We are a medical device contract manufacturer with not just the expertise, but also the sophistication and industry resources to coordinate the logistics. We procure materials and manage outside service providers on your behalf to shorten lead times, maximize cash flow, and eliminate your hassles.

Personal relationships, responsive solutions

At Arterex, we take pride in the personal relationships that we develop with our clients and the responsive solutions that they foster. We respond to your needs and routinely offer customized supply chain management services to ensure a superior program for your project.

In order to do this effectively, we have invested in the necessary infrastructure

  • Management information systems to provide traceability and avoid stock-outs
  • Materials management expertise
  • Quality systems to ensure defect-free materials
  • Sound knowledge of the supplier community
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